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Hey nerds,

We have a call in from our very own CJ, to get another pod out to you guys. We talk some fun nerd stuff, rage a little bit about all the FF hate. We talk video games, some new castings and an impromptu interview with Phil Sawyer, one of the liaison for the FantaCon convention in Albany, NY.

We talk guest-list and some comic artists that will be attending. AND THESE GUESTS ARE LEGENDS! Make sure you come and check us out Saturday, August 29th and Sunday August 30th. Find out more at

Make sure you guys find us on all of our respectable social media below, and leave us a review on itunes. Thanks for all the support you guys give, we are trying to give back w/ as many giveaways and free stuff as we can. Keep an eye out for that on Facebook.

…welcome to the cult

If you want to find us on our other social media outlets go check out:
Instagram: @geekculturepodcast
Twitter: @GeekCultPodcast
Toying Around

Geek Armory
“Everything you need for the well armed nerd.”



August 29th-30th 2015

Empire State Convention center in Albany, NY

dont be a dick...

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