Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Sets Sail For PC This Weekend

Rare’s pirate-oriented, action-adventure title Sea of Thieves has been in alpha for a good while now, but entry has thus far been restricted to Xbox One players. That limitation is finally about to be lifted, as Rare has announced a Windows 10 technical alpha set for this weekend.

The alpha test will run from 7PM to 10PM BST this Saturday, May 20th. Previously being involved in any of the Xbox One tests does not guarantee access to the PC counterpart. This brief opening is limited to 1,000 participants and that crowd will be sourced from those already subscribed to the Sea of Thieves Insider Program. Invites are said to have been sent out today, so make sure you check your inbox thoroughly if you are subscribed to their newsletter.

PC players can expect the same range of features found in the latest iteration of the game on Xbox One, including “limited resources, cursed chests and . . . sword combat.” In addition, platform-specific features will be included. Mouse and keyboard compatibility join 4K/60FPS support for an experience that is sure to provide the most breathtaking visual display we’ve seen yet.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any new information we can plunder from this technical test as it heads underway.

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