Destiny 2 Receives New Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers During Live Event

Today was a huge day for Activision since they opened up a fair bit more on the highly-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2. Their special event included a handful of videos detailing the enhanced narrative and beefed up gameplay, which has garnered praise from the majority.

We have collected the three videos, two trailers and one gameplay livestream, for your viewing pleasure with the added convenience of it being all in one place. Take a look and see what all the hype is about for yourself.

Cinematic Trailer #2:

Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer:

“Homecoming” Mission Livestream:

That’s a lot of footage to digest. Bungie revealed bits regarding the three new sub-classes, added weapon types, and a whole lot more. It’s enough to make your head spin, but it is still very exciting. Destiny 2 could very well make up for the first installment’s glaring shortcomings if these videos are any indication of the developer’s renewed direction and commitment to the community.

Then again, Bungie made extremely bold statements in their initial developer diaries before the first game’s release, several of which were never fully realized when it reached players worldwide. Only time will tell if the team has truly learned from their missteps.

That time will ultimately come this September, but we should see part of the bigger picture come E3 next month. Let us know what your favorite part was from today’s reveal.

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