Phantom Dust is Coming To Xbox One and Windows 10 Tomorrow For Free

Phantom Dust was the very definition of a cult classic for the original Xbox, as it received high praise but was not a major success financially. The fan base for the game was excited when a remake of the game was announced for Xbox One back in 2014, which was eventually cancelled in favor of just a remaster of the original. They have been promising it would come before E3 this year and not only did we get a release date, but a very nice surprise.

The head of Xbox Games marketing Aaron Greenberg made this announcement in a tweet that revealed that Phantom Dust would be releasing sooner than anybody expected, tomorrow, by saying “Excited to announce a fan favorite Phantom Dust will re-release exclusively tomorrow for free on One & 10!”

The game releasing this week is great news for those excited about the game, but the fact that it will be available for free makes it even better. Considering it is on the 16th of the month, you might assume it’s being lumped into Xbox’s Game with Gold, but it appears this will be free for everyone on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Dark Souls 3 Receives Patch 1.14

Dark Souls 3 recently saw the release of its complete collection with Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition. Now a few weeks later, From Software has released a new patch for the game that brings some bug fixes and balancing to the game.

Patch 1.14 for Dark Souls 3 fixes a number of bugs in the game, but more importantly are the balance changes, including changes with the Spears of the Church summonings. For more details on everything patch 1.14 brings to the game, the full changelog is available below.

  • Fixed issue where the first spell would disappear if either Seething Chaos or Crystal Hail is used twice in succession
  • In PvP battles, the second attack of the Call to Stone (skill for Ledo’s Great Hammer) attack can now be cancelled by rolling immediately after successfully delivering a different attack to the enemy
  • Fixed issue where two Spears of the Church were occasionally summoned in the Ringed City
  • Increased absorption and stamina recovery speed when summoned as the Spears of Church in a world with two or more White Spirits.
  • Decreased cooldown time for Ritual Spear Fragment and Divine Spear Fragment when summoned as the Spear of the Church in a world with two or more white spirits.
  • Fixed issue where following certain steps could make the Ringed City Streets bonfire inaccessible
  • Fixed issue where the player was unable to use the bonfire despite having defeated the Demon Prince in The Dreg Heap.
  • Fixed issue where further progress was disabled when interacting with the Crystal Sage Clone in a certain way.
  • Animation cancel now available for whips except the Rose of Ariandel.
  • Fixed issue where the weapon reinforcement effect of the right-hand weapon was applied to the left hand equipped with a Greatshield weapon when performing the Shield Bash skill
  • Reduced rotation capabilities of the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords
  • Decreased stamina consumption for Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords attack and increased attack power of Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords
  • Fixed issue where the art for the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords could still be performed when there was insufficient FP
  • Fixed issue where a combination of the Lothric War Banner’s Art and the Aquamarine Dagger would result in FP continuously replenishing
  • Increased attack power and motion cancel speed for Call to Stone skill attached to Ledo’s Great Hammer
  • Increased attack power for the skill attached to Quakestone Hammer
  • Decreased attack power and R1 projectiles of the Blade of Peril skill attached to Gael’s Greatsword
  • Increased attack power and decreased stamina consumption for Farron Greatsword
  • Decreased stamina consumption when attacking with Darkdrift
  • Increased animation cancel speed for the Darkdrift skill attached to Darkdrift
  • Increased bleeding attack power for Bloodlust skill attached to Bloodlust.
  • Increased luck for poison, bleed, and hollow-infused and decreased stamina consumption of Astora Straight Sword.
  • Decreased strength and dexterity of Sunlight Straight Sword
  • Decreased stamina consumption for Aquamarine Dagger’s Crystal Blade skill.
  • Increased attack for Repeating Crossbow
  • Fixed issue where no more stamina was required to use the Repeating Crossbow weapon art when the player did not have the minimum stats.
  • Fixed an issue when a female character or a male character wearing the Reversal Ring uses the Repeating Crossbow art, the character would move forward without any analog stick input.
  • Fixed issue where the effectiveness of the Preacher’s Right Arm art did not decrease when the player did not have the required Intelligence
  • Fixed issue where the weapon reinforcement effect of the right-hand weapon was applied to the left hand equipped with Preacher’s Right Arm when performing the Feasting Branch skill
  • Fixed issue where the Unfaltering Prayer effect was retained when casting certain miracles and quickly casting another spell afterwards
  • Fixed issue when activating the Wrath of the Gods miracle through a catalyst held in the character’s right hand, the idle time after the spell cast was longer than it should be
  • Decreased vitality recovery when using the Projected Heal miracle
  • Increased stamina consumption of Lightning Arrow and decreased stamina recovery speed while the player is drawing the bow
  • Fixed issue where players could parry the Flame Fan
  • Fixed several other small issues

This latest patch for Dark Souls 3 is available on all three platforms, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so make sure to download it before your next play session.

Rumor: Steam Summer Sale 2017 Dates Revealed

The weather is warm and E3 is approaching, which can only mean one thing, the Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us! Steam has become known for their fantastic sales each year both in the winter and summer and we may not know just when the summer sale will be kicking off.

Valve has been very hush hush about their sale dates in the past, but they always seem to get leaked beforehand anyways. This typically comes as a result of emails sent to developers and that is what it sounds like happened this year as well.

As provided by a few members on the Steam subreddit, Steam evidently sent out emails to developers to let them know the dates for the Steam Summer Sale. The supposed dates for the sale are starting on June 22 at 9:50 am Pacific and running through July 5 at 10:05 am Pacific.

After a more cropped first image was posted, a second person that is listed as a Steamworks Developer confirmed the date with a larger image, so it’s looking very likely this could be legitimate. Steam hasn’t responded to the rumor yet, so no confirmation or denial has come at this time.

The Order: 1886 Is Only $3.99 On Amazon Right Now

The Order: 1886 was one of the more hyped games in the early days of the PS4, though that hype dropped as it released to disappointing reviews as a result of it being so short. This kept many people from picking up the game then, but a sale right now might be the perfect time to go ahead and grab it if you had any interest at all.

As of right now, The Order: 1886 is for sale on Amazon for only $3.99, which is an 80% discount on the regular price of $19.99. Somewhat surprisingly, this is actually for the digital code for PS4 on Amazon. Amazon’s sales typically are for their physical products over the digital, but this is an easy one you can purchase and download right away on your PS4.

The Order: 1886 may be short, but it’s hard to resist the game at only $3.99. The visuals are still some of the best on the PS4 that we’ve seen to date, so it would at least be worth picking up for that reason alone at this price.