About Us

The Geek Culture Podcast is a group of friends that get together and talk about the geeky and nerdy things we all love. Gaming, TV, Movies, Toys, Comics, and general pop-culture.

Editor In Chief: Tom

I’m gradated from The College of Saint Rose back in 2009 with a BS in Music Industry. In college, I played drums in a pop-punk band called One Over Chaplin with our very own Geek Cult Member, CJ Morrison…he sang. Besides being a complete tech nerd, I’m a social media whore. If there’s an account for a social media app, I have it. Just search “TomOverChaplin” and you’ll find my twitter @TomOverChaplin. I’m also a huge gamer!

Favorite Movie (Ever): hmmmm…. probably Garden State… I’m a sucker for chick flicks, so suck it.

Favorite Comic (Currently): I’m a huge fan of anything Matt Fraction writes. And David Aja as illustrator is phenomenal! My all time favorite has got to be The Walking Dead, hands down.
**Update** The new Inhuman run is pretty good too.

Favorite Toy/Collectable: Definitely my 1995 Boba Fett Latex Bust made by Illusive Concept. Only 10,000 made. You jelly?

Favorite Video Game (Current): For a while it was Destiny. But, the mediocrity has set in, so now (on my ps4) I’ve been into some cool indie titles like Tower of Guns, but I also play BF4 and COD:AW from time to time.

Favorite Video Game (All Time): Sunset Riders on Super Nintendo. Best Game EVER! (TMNT: Turtles in Time is a close 2nd)

Drink of Choice: When I’m feeling classy I’m a dirty martini guy, when I’m not I love BEER! #nomnomnom

PR Coordinator & Editor : Anthony DeCicco
I’m a hardcore gamer, if that even means anything anymore. I enjoy all of my consoles and PC gaming equally. I may have a favorite, but I try not to show it too much. I have eight years experience as a gaming journalist and have written for several sites and have seen my reviews post up on Metacritic. I’ve attended E3 twice, CES once, and NYCC twice. I am looking to the future and hoping to bring my experience to Geek Culture Podcast and their fans.

On my days off I spend it with family. Other than that you will find me on social media chatting it up @ShadyDevil99 for Twitter.

Favorite Movie: Don’t particularly have one because there’s so many good ones. Driver or the original Scarface (Al Pacino) I guess because I could watch them over and over.

Favorite Comic: The Walking Dead, hands down.

Favorite Toy/Collectible: Most likely my Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Statue. I am a sucker for collector’s editions.

Favorite Video Game (Current): I have been putting a lot of hours into Battlefield 1 & Ghost Recon Wildlands (I love me my open world games).

Favorite Video Game (All-Time): Easily The Last Of Us, it has everything; suspense, action and drama. It was the perfect storm for me.

Drink Of Choice: Gin & Tonic or an ice cold beer. I’m a simple man.

Welcome To The Cult.

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